Log On Issues

Currently we have been having a slight issue with people logging on from multiple sources. This includes people giving their passwords to "friends" and so forth and so on. As a way of cutting down on this problem to prevent "Lock out" from the site you must not go over the limit of 5IPs per account. This doesn't mean like if you have an ISP that changes your IP so often this means your service provider all together. Its impossible for one person to log on from Japan and 20 minutes log on in the UK. This has happened in Multiple accounts, this is why we have this limit.

Also for people who continue to move around and are seeming to have a problem logging on that's because they are breaching the limit. These people will need to send an e-mail to THE ADMIN (Click the red to send!) with your account name and password (Current) and the situation can be remedied within a business day.

Another issue for not being able to log on is:

1.Having Canceled your account (Accidentally or on Purpose) we don't cover more then what you have paid for.
2.Having a bad Credit Card or Checking account. This will absolutely be a reason why you can't get into the site. No money for subscription, no access.
3.Having closed or canceled your credit card or bank account. Refer to the last part of 2 for reason why.
4.Having a stolen account name and password. If you have given it away then we can't allow our password watcher and IP program let multiple users log into a single account. Its stealing bandwidth from everyone who is paying for their subscription and supporting the site and sites stability.
5.Having a billing issue with I-bill, Verotel, OR Gkard. We only put the artwork up and maintain the content, Hotfurs does NOT deal with your money. That's an issue to take up with the processing company unless you are getting a refund or account information HF doesn't even know your real name.
6.Repeated account distribution, this will only happen when we see more then 9 IPs per account after granting allowance of a few more IPs for "Movers", this can occur if suspicion arises upon any account that has over the set limit.
*7.Certian providers of service IE: AOL, Yahoo Browser ect ect... Have an issue with certain CGI and PEARL Scripts. Its advised to get or use another browser such as:
Or the Default Internet Explorer

How to resolve it:

1.Contacting the admin. The Link is in red in the segment above.
2.Getting the proper information together to verify any "Movement" or change to ones account and getting it to the proper receivers of communication ea; The Admin; I-bill; Verotel; Gkard.
3.Insuring that no one gets your username and password or gets a chance to place spybots on your computer by using proper security measures.
4.Encouraging people who want access to get a trial or their own account. You aren't just paying for access, you are helping keep kids from access, the site up, and the content fresh with happy artists.


Thank you for your time and good luck!