Affiliates Program

Our Affiliates program allows you, the future affiliate get a piece of the action, with a whopping 25% to every refer signup INCLUDING the reoccurring fees we allow you to attain the excess cash that you want from the work of putting OUR banner up. Don't worry, no gimmicks here just the business of a commissioned referee.
With Verotel:We will start off by signing you up then getting you the possible banners that you may choose from. We are also glad to announce that this is totally RISK free which means if they cancel their account you STILL get your commission to the closing date. Are we crazy? YES. This way everyone has a marginal gain and marginal profit control. 18% already goes to the processors so just imagine, a 30-80 dollar purchase every day or so(If you get those banners up where people can see them!)with a 25% commission rate and stable rate there is no going topside with this. ALSO we can arrange a banner share program if you wish but this...this should do pretty well.

The Admin